Ice Cream And Sunny Days!

Here comes  summer! All aboard! Summer is coming and I am SO excited! I get to go to the pool with my friends, eat ice cream, throw parties, go to the park, take selfies, run in the sprinklers and enjoy the sunshine! And everything is true! (Well except maybe the selfies part) Anyways,  summer is going to be a blast and hope I see some of my classmates in summer, because that would make the days better! Lots of people love summer, sun and ice cream so they invented summer! I love summer, Olaf loves summer, guys love summer, girls love summer and so does Mother Nature! But this year will be probably better, because I am going to India again, going to The Enchanted Forest and more! So go on and tell me in a comment what you are doing in summer….

Make it awesome!  Will you be doing any camps or trips?




A Splash Of Red!

Today I created a red color poem in school. So I decided to show it to you! I hope after this you can make a color poem too since they are really fun! But first here is my poem:                                                Red Splash
Red is the glaze of a sunset,
It is a bold feeling you get inside.
Red is a lush strawberry but also
a bright red starfish feeling it’s way,
Red is red velvet , sweet and yummy,
sitting here in my tummy!




Cool And Fun Sites!

Below are some awesome sites that I hope you will like! You can visit the sites and comment and tell me what you thought about it or what was your favorite part. I love all of these sites and I hope you do too!

                              Create a free poll – Instant & easy. No sign up | Pollcode

                              THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY by Trenton Lee 

                                    Design Games – Free online games at

                             piZap | Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker | Fun Edit 

                             Guinness World Records – Officially Amazing – Home of 

                             National Geographic Kids: Kids’ Games, Animals, Photos 

              These sites are really fun and I hoped you liked them! Comment below and tell me which one you like the best and what game you played. I would also love your awesome suggestions for sites to post on my blog! So you can comment below and tell me some good sites and pictures too! I could always use some more inspiration and creativity! So why are you still here? Hit comment and start typing! Go now!



A Look Into The Future!


I think that we all love fortune tellers and crystal balls, right? Well here is a sneek peek into my future that I hope to have! Well, I think I would love to keep doing gymnastics and keep working on new moves and tricks because that is one of my passions. I also want to maybe become a artist and share  another one of my passions with the world! I love to sketch and paint so I think it would be really fun! I would definitely keep visiting India where I some times go with my family to help and bring food, toys and clothes to the kids in the orphanages there. The last time I went I had a lot of fun and it made me think of how lucky I am. So I would love to continue doing that. Because I think that your future is important  to you and you should try to make a difference in the lives of others! Because everybody knows that love+ happiness+ others+ you = TONS and TONS of love and smiles and all good things!  So before you consider some crazy future like becoming Batman, come up with a future that could help others. An actual chance to change the world or show others you care! You once were a baby but now your older! You can make your own decisions about life. You can now do what ever you want for your future and it could be big! So go out there and craft a great future!  Come on, you can!
What will you do in your future? Make it awesome!

Moms + Flowers+ Love!

Yesterday was Sunday but it was also Mothers Day! In the morning my dad, my sister and I made breakfast for my mom and gave her lots of flowers and gifts! For the breakfast we gave her pineapple, coffee, a fruit platter and some yummy toasted bagels! She really liked it and we all got to eat some too! We also gave her the gifts we made for her. Afterwards we went to a nice Italian restraunt and ate lunch. Then came the fun part! We headed to the Crysal Springs Rhododenaron Garden  and it was fantastic! There were tons of huge colorful flowers! We also saw some bacy ducks, geese and other birds. Mothers Day was awesome!




Picture Message! (Blogging Challenge #4)

             people_symbols_eye_blue                aqua-heart-md


                                      plus-sign-22             Art-image

                                 plus-sign-22  TWU Gymnastics - [Beam] Brittany Johnson
sta via Photo Credit: Erin CoCompfight

  This was one of the challenges but I didn’t get to do it so I am doing it now! Figure out what this says then please tell me in a comment! Thank you! -Anika

Happy Awesome Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is on Sunday the 11th and we are writing poems in school about our mom. Here is mine below:
                                                              Mom is…
                                                 as pretty as a hibiscus flower
                                              as sweet as a mini ice cream cone
                            as lovable as Toffee (My Grandparents used- to -be dog

            Chocolate heart on a pink gerbera daisy flower for you! (square)
                              Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell via Compfight

Are You A Leader?

This week I am posting about leadership. I think that leadership means to help people and show teamwork. It means you are the the spirit or the go-getter of the team. It means you matter! I think I am a leader in relay races and when it comes to working together. Some more great examples of leaders are my friends Lily, Kaia, Lulu and Grace. They all are awesome and leaders! Some people are leaders in different ways thought too…. like the president or the mayor or even people like your teacher! Some people are funny leaders like my friend Maude. She is a total class clown, but sill clowns can be leaders! So think: Are you a leader? Do you help people when they need you? Can people depend on you? Comment and tell me!


Goal Setting (Some Of My Plans And Ideas)

My class is talking about goal setting and it is pretty fun! We are coming up with our goals and putting it through the if and then process. So I am now going to show you my goals and the process. Well, here are my goals:
I want to be able to do a back handspring. I also want to do hip hop. Now lets put them through the process.  If can’t do the back handspring before the end of summer,
then I will work hard and practice every day on the bed. Now for the 2nd goal:
If I can’t get in to hip hop class by the time the year ends, then I will prove to my parents that I want to do it and work hard. So think…. what will your goals be and what will your plan be? Will you work to be a soccer player? A shop owner? A nurse? Comment and tell me!

Allianz Arena Bayern Munich

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight

Photo Credit: aussiegall via Compfight

Cozy Cone Motel
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Justin Brown via Compfight

Sensational Pictures And Videos!

One of the reasons I like this video is because, first of all it is funny and second of all that dog has moves! I posted it because I thought you would enjoy it and maybe get a couple laughs out of it and laughing is good, right? Anyways, you never know when something unexpected will happen! So take a look at these  next pics and videos and enjoy laughing and being happy! So sit back, relax and enjoy the post!
3837-funny-animals-list-of-cute-and-animal-names-wallpaper-400x399 (1)                                  Funny-animals-one

Here is another funny video that I found below. Oh, and before I go on and on and (on, on, etc.) I would like to say how I got this idea. Well, One of my classmates Jacob posted a funny video. Here is his blog:

He inspired me to post some funny videos and make my blog fun! So here is another video, and football lovers, well just see it!

So I hoped today you got some good laughs and now you can comment! (That is if you can still breath from laughing so hard!) Now if you will excuse me I have to go lie down now! (Due to lack of breath, a.k.a I laughed too hard!)